3D Residential Project at Avenue 54 India

  • September 4, 2017

One of our 2016 projects that slipped off our archives.. Probably some of you guys might find these renderings pretty normal, not those exciting, sexy projects we did as in our portfolio.

What is extraordinary is the mere speed we took to complete these renderings.. We are only given a few days to complete these while the final design is still being worked on.. Our team of 6 (3 3D modellers & 3 renderers/post artists took 3 non-stop working days with cups of coffees/cokes to complete this project..

Definitely, we could have done better with given more times.. what a lame excuse.. but we did our best.. Our client appreciate our efforts though there are lots of amendments/errors along the process..

Guess what.. the developer for this project through our client wants us to work on the latest rounds of renderings.. We didn’t expect that and are determined to do a much-better job this round.. we going to double our manpower on this project.. Awesome!!

Aerial View

Overall Aerial View

3D Eye Level Rendering

Entrance Eye Level View

3D Eye Level View

Clubhouse Eye Level View

3D Garden Eye Level View

Garden Eye Level View

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