5 in One Mandalay Myanmar master planning proposal renderings done in 5 days.

  • July 13, 2017

Awesome feat!! 

Central Park @ City Central

We are tasked by our long time partner, Talented Bernard Low & team to create 5 masterplan Renderings for their new client in Mandalay Myanmar. 

As timeline is very tight, we basically take the general concept ideas from architects and create as much details as possible in our 3D modeling stage. Lots of efforts and liaising works are spent to ensure the intented architectural treatments are captured. 

As Myanmar is still a relative new market to us, we need to pay extra attention on the existing Masterplan conditions such as building heights, traffic directions, perception of architecture design(not too modern, glassy or even colour tone). 

This is a very exciting project for us because we learnt so much about this new economy and the vast potentials this country promised. We actually looking forward to Visit Myanmar very soon to explore new business opportunities. 

Central Terminal Hub @ City Central

National Agri Research Masterplan

Hi-tech Industrial Masterplan 

University Concept Design @ Mandalay

5 days 5 proposal 3 Architects And a Committed team of 8Yolkers that works continuously to achieve best rendering results!!

For your Masterplan rendering needs, do contact us at +6593661846 or email , rest assured we will support you with best efforts!!

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