8 Must-Have Tips Guide Outsourcing Your ideal 3D Rendering Services in Singapore

  • August 12, 2016

3D Rendering Tips Guide Hanoi Commercial Rendering

Probably you need to outsource your 3D Rendering Visualizations for your architectural, Interior or even Real Estate Marketing Launches. Although there are few reputable 3D Rendering Studios in Singapore with impressive portfolios, it is importance to ensure all the visualizations works are done accordingly to your design needs. Often, your initial design brief will change during the course of design. This is very common in any design fields. It is critical to establish this mutual understanding before engaging the ideal rendering studio for your presentation.

To help you on selecting the correct partner for your 3D Rendering Services, we have complied Eight Most Critical Steps Guide for your next Rendering Assignment:

Pre-Technical Assignment Brief

Provide a detailed technical assignment brief to your 3D Rendering Studio. This is to have pre-assessment on the 3D Visualizer’s actual capabilities. Through their reply, you will roughly have understanding on their depth understanding on your project. This is also important for you to establish firmly on your deliverables such as delivery dates, image formats, rounds of amendments. This will save you potentials costs/hustles in the later stage.

Site Visit

As in Singapore, it will be good for you to pay a visit to the 3D rendering studio if possible. At least, you have a clear understanding the company’s team locally. It is alright that the studio have other branches in other countries as long as you are comfortable with the establishment.

Reference Portfolio

Often, Architects/Designers overlook this important step especially working 1st time with 3D Artists. You need to understand that all rendering studios will only showcase their best works in their websites, marketing brochures. It is wise to request reference examples pertaining to your design assignment brief. This will help you to shortlist partners who provides services meeting your 3D rendering expectations.

Meeting the Deadline

Iron out the design work process. Always request a production timeline regardless of how simple the project might be. Clearly state the importance milestones as well as the person-in-contacts. Often, established Rendering Studios will have designated Account executives working directly with you. This is a plus because you do not wish to get into tricky situations with the 3D Artists themselves. You know.. 3D Artists tend to be more temperamental as they are often more emotional attached with their works.

Camera Angles

It is important to lock in your camera angles as early as possible. Based on our experience, often 3D renderings are not able to meet the deadlines is mainly due to the delay in Pre-rendering Stage. It is good to note that rendering & post-photoshop works cannot proceed without confirming the ideal 3d Perspective Look. It is best for you to request the 3D rendering Studios provide camera angles for selections upon building the 3D model in pre-rendering stage.

Regular Checks

This may sound obvious.. However, many designers failed to realize that any stunning 3D artist impression is a result of revision rounds. As mentioned earlier, have important milestone dates indicated in production schedule. Do due diligent checks will enable to create great 3D renderings for your project.

Sufficient Production Time

Try to give more production time for the 3D Artists. Personally, I think this is the most important factor for creating good 3D rendering images. Architects or even Interior Designers, due to their clients’ on-going design refinements, gave their final design information to the 3D artists at the last minute. This will lead to last-minute rush works, often resulting un-satisfying 3D rendering images. I would recommend that designers provide the information in stages so that the 3D designers can work on the progressively.

Payment Schedule

Most 3D rendering Studios will required an initial deposit payment to kick-start the rendering project. In Singapore, market-standard practice is 30% for deposit and remaining 70% upon completion of works. This is just a recommended guide. You can always negotiate with Rendering Studios.

I am confident that if you can adhere closely to these tips, you will have a wonderful experience engaging 3D Rendering Studio for your Visualization Works.





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