Five Critical Reasons to Outsource Your 3D Architectural Rendering Services

  • August 8, 2016

Tips 3D Architectural Rendering Dubai Aerial View

There are various benefits to engage an external/outsourced 3D Rendering Studio for your businesses in architecture, interior design or even real estate development marketing launch.


We are not saying your in-house 3D artists are not capable to create stunning images you need for your presentation pitches. Unless, you have a big team working solely on your project, you will likely faced situations such as rendering system breakdown, artist’s misinterpretation or even last-minute staff on medical leave. Having a professional 3rd-party rendering studio assisting your project, these unforeseen scenarios can be minimised.


Low-Overhead Costs

Cash flow is a key operational factor in running your business. To sustain a team of 3D artists will often result fixed expenses burden to your operation infrastructures. You will save on fixed salary, office space, government taxes/insurances, etc. Although engaging an external studio in 3D Visualization works might increase your Per-Project-Costing, but it is more practical to handle this expense as one-off, rather.


With many top-tier 3D Rendering Studios in Singapore, you don’t have to be limited with your in-house resources only. Depending on the project size/needs, your ready man-power need is just only one phone call away. Imagine you can have the ideal team manpower catered to your project needs each time.

Faster Delivery

A full-fledge 3D Rendering Studio have a completed, latest specification Processor Speed Rendering Farm System. This will enable your 3d rendering images, Animation Walkthough to be rendered and delivered to you in much faster speed. You can have more time to refine or even re-rendered the images accordingly.


The main advantage of outsourcing is that there is no binding agreement between rendering studio and you. For example, you can always change your rendering artist studio if they are not able to perform to your needs. You can also have a wide choices of rendering styles offered by your external 3D providers.


Professional 3D Artists can often give you 3D rendering surprise elements. As they have worked with other architects, Designers or even marketing experts, they can give you valuable advice or tips on best illustrating your design concepts. This priceless input can escalate your presentation chances.


Hiring an outsourcing 3D service provider is a definitely good idea especially 3D visualization is not a core component of your business. Check out 3D Rendering Portfolio to see 8 Yolk Studio latest 3D Visualization Rendering Works.



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